100% Italian

The aim of OLIOEVO® is to promote, distribute and market Extra Virgin Olive Oil at 100% with recognised certifications, Protected Destination of Origin and coming from biological farming.

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Eco-sustainability and Eco-compatibility
the fundamental principles of OLIOEVO®

As well as to let you know the production methods, the nature and history of the lands where high-quality olive growing gives its best. Thanks to OLIOEVO®, everybody can know, buy, and taste genuine extra virgin olive oils of excellence at affordable prices, ask for suggestions for the combination with the most suited recipes in order to enhance each type of EVO OIL, and learn about the nutritional and organoleptic properties of what is called “the gold of Gods”.

EVO Oil – Certified Evo Oil

The best extra virgin olive Oils from all over Italy and a selection of the best oils certified PGI, PDO, Bio and Biodynamic

Products kept in oil and in brine

The best products from the earth, kept exclusively in extra virgin olive oil (EVO) or in salt


Of course, you cannot forget products and cooking accessories for oil or made of olive wood on your table


Take care of yourself and your skin with natural cosmetics, made of extra virgin olive oil (EVO)

EVO oil is the main ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet

What does Olio EVO mean?

EVO oil is the acronym that professor Massimo Epifani (agronomist, professor, and consultant for the National School…

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History, myth and fairy tale

The myth of the Oil

We were told about the appearance of this sacred plant at least six thousand years ago, and of its…

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